#UkraineCrisis – Why do African misrulers support the West uncritically?

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On March 17, 2011 the UNSC meet and passed Resolution 1973 which authorized the establishment of a No-Fly zone over Libya.

NATO countries abused this resolution to launch military aggression against Ghaddafi. Not only was a sitting African Head of State executed like a dog by NATO-armed goons, the county was bombed into the Stone Age!

While countries like China and Russia abstained, Nigeria, Gabon and South Africa VOTED in favor.

We were never told what the West promised them to make Jonathan and Zuma to make them cast their votes against an African brother. It was rumored that both countries were sold the dummy of a UNSC permanent seat. Of course, the naive and imbecilic leaders didn’t ask for written agreements from a people who have proved to be duplicitous and agreement-incapable!

Fast forward to March 2022, many African countries, once again, lined up to vote with the West in their fight with Russia!

Like obedient and mindless children, our misrulers keep on craving to please the Masters!

The question is: what logic exactly informed this unwavering and unconditional African support for the West, whenever or wherever it chooses to pick up a fight?

Another question: Why is it impossible for Africa to learn to delineate and fight for its own interests?

If the West ask for our diplomatic support, we should develop the sense to ask for something in return, like the writing off of our crippling debt, or removing the barriers to our exports, or to withdraw their killing machines from our continent, or ask that France abandon its notorious Pacte Coloniale.

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March 13, 2022

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