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A confession: I borrowed the title of this article from a disillusioned CIA agent, John Stockwell, who wrote the book, In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story.

Let me share some quotes: “The CIA was casting about for the next war, amoral, ruthless, eager to do its thing. Its thing being covert little games where the action was secret and no one kept score.

But history increasingly keeps score, and the CIA’s operations are never secret for long. Inevitably they are exposed, by our press, by whistleblowers in our government, by our healthy compulsion to know the truth. Covert operations are incompatible with our system of government and we do them badly. Nevertheless, a succession of presidents and Henry Kissingers have been lured into questionable adventures for which, they are promised by the CIA, they will never be held accountable. Generally, they are not, they move on to sinecures before the operations are fully exposed. Our country is left to face the consequences.

Claiming to be our Horatio at the shadowy bridges of the international underworld, the CIA maintains three thousand staff operatives overseas. Approximately equal to the State Department in numbers of staff employees overseas, the CIA extends its influence by hiring dozens of thousands of paid agents. Operationally its case officers “publish or perish”-an officer who does not generate operations does not get promoted. The officers energetically go about seeking opportunities to defend our national security.

Already we are paying dearly for indulging ourselves. As we have succeeded in making ourselves more like our enemies, more like the KGB, the world has taken note. Throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia, at least, every legitimate American businessman, teacher, and official is suspiciously viewed as a probable CIA operative, capable of dangerous betrayals. The world knows that, in fact, numbers of actual CIA case officers are posing as just such people, while they recruit agents, bribe officials, and support covert adventures. The positive contribution of such activity to our national security is dubious. But mounting numbers of victims, the millions of people whose lives have been trampled or splattered by CIA operations are increasingly cynical of America. Because of the CIA, the world is a more dangerous place. Americans have reduced credibility. Worst of all, by retaining the CIA we are accepting ourselves as a harsh and ruthless people. It’s the wrong game for a great nation. And the players we’ve got are losers.”

Alas, since Mr. Stockwell wrote his book in 1984, absolutely nothing has changed in how the US approaches the world. If anything, it has gotten worse; more and more victims of US unprovoked aggressions keep piling up as American officials got haughtier and naughtier and blood-thirstier.

I am not a geneticist, so I am unqualified to venture a guess as to whether a genetic defect is responsible for the inability of Europeans, whatever they call themselves wherever they find themselves, to coexist in harmony with either nature or their co-sojourners on the Earth that we all call home.

Of course, apologists will point to other places where human beings also kill one another.

I do not argue that cruelty and killings are peculiar only to Europeans.

I talk here about people who consider the unprovoked killing of human beings on industrial scales as a way of life! I refer to a people who must constantly generate and distribute anxiety and confrontation! I talk about people who are in a constant state of agitation and restlessness unless they are engaged in some antagonistic behavior. A people who believe in their divine right to dominate others, even if it means total extermination of indigenous populations.

First they called themselves the ‘international community’ and now they have started calling themselves ‘the free world’.

History recorded the following:

Greece = Pelasgians

Rome = Etruscans

America = Native Indians

Australia = Aboriginals

New Zealand = Maoris

South Africa = Khoisans, Hottentots.

Let us not mentioned the truly horrendous masacres in Africa, India and South America by people who claim to be on civilizing missions.

Unlike most cultures that I know, the “free world” European culture appeared to be designed to engage in perpetual hatred of The Other.

One of the Culture Shocks that I experienced during my sojourn in Europe was the penchant to blame FOREIGNERS for everything that is wrong in society.

Unlike in Africa where we blame our stupid and inept leaders for keeping us pinned down in a neo-colonial state of underdevelopment, Europeans consider the Immigrant as the CAUSE of all their problems.

It’s just a way of life, and it did not start today, as history recalls bands of Germans (Judenschläger (Jewbeaters) and Armleder (‘arm leather’) were among the most notorious) who roamed the streets of 14th century Germany to seek and kill Jews who they blamed for everything wrong with their society.

Those who like to excuse Europe should point to a single example of other people who can match the records of European atrocities in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Let’s not mention small-scale wars against Grenada and the proxy wars against Nicaragua, etc.

It baffles greatly that just a few weeks after their ignominious and disastrous exit from their 20 or so years of rape and pillage in Afghanistan, Europeans are already engaged in a titanic, one might even call it existential, war with Russia.

And, like that was not troubling enough, they are already pivoting to beat the war drums against China in the Asia-Pacific region! The psychopath who was dismissed as Trump’s NSA even called for sending American troops into Taiwan! And, before we forget, they continue to threaten Iran with annihilation.

I don’t know of any other definition of Pure Insanity! It certainly cannot be considered NORMAL to simultaneously confront Russia, China, and Iran.

It is time that the question is asked: What exactly is wrong with the “free world”?

Why the unbridled penchant for unremitting confrontation and bloodletting?

The behavior of the “free world” disturbs greatly. Whichever way one throws it around, it is difficult to call it a Natural Behavior!

Thanks to V Putin, the war in Ukraine reveals to even the most skeptical what exactly the “free world” is – spoilt, untrustworthy, unprincipled, amoral, duplicitous, agreement-incapable, and very narcissistic people!

Let us not even begin to examine the arrogance which is largely born out of ignorance, especially of other cultures.

The “free world” does not know, and they don’t want to know that they do not know. Decades of indoctrination by the ideological institutions that they call universities have produced a people for whom history and culture are of no interest.

Incapable of learning or understanding history, geography, and culture the “free world” imagine a world where people still admire them and look up to a White Messiah. And like the spoilt brats that they are, the “free world” continue to delude themselves that the disgustingly decadent and degenerate ‘values’ that they propound are so much admired by other people that they should be violently imposed on the rest of us.

Russian SMO in Ukraine also reveals Westerners as the most abjectly-zombified people on earth.

What exactly do the “free world” leaders feed their people to make them so compliant and so bereft of any agency to ask critical questions?

The speed and the alacrity with which the “free world” jumped, at the say-so of their leaders, to condemn every Russian is simply beyond belief.

In his illuminating 1968 essay, ‘Social and Psychological preparation for war’, Jules Henry had this to say: “…It is clear, therefore, that in preparation for modern war an interdependent world political economy has within it sufficient conflicts of interest to make all nations potential enemies to all others. One of the ‘evolutionary achievements’ of modern culture has been to make the idea that ‘anybody can be my enemy at anytime’ acceptable. A consequence of the definition of the enemy as part of one’s own social system is a psychological predisposition to accept any nation at all as inimical when the government chooses to so define it.”

What makes it possible for the “free world” to be so easily streamlined overnight, and made to sing from official narratives without blinking eyelids? What makes it possible for a people who tout their rationality to cheer wildly as officials and official media cancel out alternative views?

Not even George Orwell could have envisioned the type of dystopia we see in the Collective West today.

To think that these same people gallivant around the Global South purporting to teach commodities like democracy, human rights, and press freedom to some savages!

Sanctimonious hypocrisy of the highest order!

For an observer from the Global South, it’s both funny and sad to watch as the Zombiefied and propagandized people in the West lost track of their bs propaganda.

Per their narratives at the beginning of the hostilities, the sweet darling Nazis in Ukrainian army uniforms have rolled over the godless, poorly-armed, and badly-led Russians – thanks to the superior firepower of the high-quality weapons the US/NATO/EU shipped to the gallant fighters who were resisting Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression.

That was the original script sold to the dummies in the West in February and March, and they greedily lapped it up!

Ukrainian refugees were welcomed with great enthusiasm by the same people who, a few months prior, maltreated non-white refugees who were escaping from the mayhem the West inflicted on their countries.

In manners that would have dismayed even George Orwell, Western institutions erased, rewrote, blatantly, and, rather audaciously, falsified history. Citizens in the West cheered wildly.

Blessed are the feeble-minded with absolutely no capacity to think critical thoughts

It simply beggared belief that Westerners can’t ask themselves elementary questions like If the Ukrainians are winning so handsomely, why were the Ukrainian kleptocratic misleaders still cajoling and ordering Western governments to ship more arms to the victorious army of Ukraine?

One would have thought that the all-conquering Ukrainian army, with even Ghosts fighting on its behalf, would have captured enough arms from the defeated Russians!

We are in July and while the Russians are not letting up on the grinding of the Ukrainian forces, the West has already lost interest in its latest misadventure.

Many Western countries have already announced that they have no more weapons to spare, and the EU’s powerhouse, Germany, has been reduced to dusting off ancient mothballed tanks to send off to battle against an already defeated Russians!

That’s when German officials are not too busy trying to placate an irascible and ungrateful Ukrainian officials with an obscene and gratuitous sense of entitlement.

Or maybe the Ukrainians should feel perfectly entitled since they were foolish enough to sell off their country for whatever pieces of silver they got!

The question here is: Why are Westerners so dumb that they cannot ask where their leaders who can’t find the money to repair their shattered economies, suddenly find the money to provide weapons to Nazis in Ukraine?

Another question: After the war is settled – in Russia’s favor (my bet), do Westerners expect the Russians to forgive them for providing support to Nazis 2.0?

For a people without enough resources to cater for themselves, and one that proclaims its rationality all the time, it is beyond belief that Westerners keep on searching for enemies!

Besotted with their self-generated image of superiority, Westerners appear to live in a bubble, unaware of what goes on outside their self-created cocoon.

The Russians made it plain what they felt about the West’s insane push to their borders. From President V Putin to FM Lavrov to the inimitable Spokeswoman for the Russian FM, Maria Zakharova, the Russians told whoever would listen that there were bound to be severe repercussions if their core security concerns were ignored.

Ignored them, the West did.

Last year, the Russians emphasized the urgency of their concerns by dispatching drafts of Treaties to both Washington and Brussels. The West rather haughtily brushed them aside. The Russians openly warned about taking “technical and military” means if the West persists in its folly.

The West arrogantly ignored the warnings.

Today, we are where we are, and those who refused to listen to the hunter’s cautionary whistle are lamenting that the Russians are no longer interested in talking.


One can only understand the surprise by the West that the Russians are no longer eager to listen to them only when one understands the narcissistic nature of a people who cannot think beyond the SELF.

Ask yourself why you will listen to a people with neither honor nor integrity who spew only bs? Why should one waste his ears listening to people who think that the breaking of agreements shows your smartness?

Having sold themselves the bs that the Russians will not fight or that they will crumble under ‘sanctions from hell’, the West has been exposed as a thoughtless bully with absolutely no capacity whatsoever for deep thinking.

Like most bullies, the West snarl and bark with the hope that the opponent will be scared off and fold under.

Sorry, the Russians are not folding. If anything they have considerably upped the ante in their confrontation with the hegemonic West.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, plainly told the world via an interview with Rossiya 24 news channel: “Our special military operation is meant to put an end to the unabashed expansion [of NATO] and the unabashed drive towards full domination by the US and its Western subjects on the world stage… This domination is built on gross violations of international law and under some rules, which they are now hyping so much and which they make up on a case-by-case basis.”

Nothing could be plainer than this. The “free world” has finally overreached itself. It has ruled the world with both cynicism and disdain. Its selfish nature makes it impossible for Westerners to think that other people also have needs and interests.

Whichever way the war in Ukraine turns out – I don’t have any doubt that the Russians will dust off Ukraine, even if NATO steps in, the end of domination by the West is over!

With little resources of its own, and with the Russians exposing the hollowness of its loudly self-proclaimed military prowess, only a few people will take the Collective West as a serious people from now on.

The current depraved degenerate genitalia-worshipping idiots at the helm in the West have blown away the aura of invincibility their ancestors craftily constructed.

What any intelligent people should begin to do now is to engage in serious thoughts on how they will fit into the new geopolitical order that will soon be birthed.

A few years ago, I wrote a reply to one inebriated fantasist, Robert Cooper, who, in a piece, “The Post-Modern State,” essay in Reordering the World: the Long-term Implications of September 11, Foreign Policy Centre (London), 2002, suggested the recolonization of Africa.

I concluded my article thus: “It is not a question of if but when Europe would have lost it.

Both China and India have already become more important powers than ANY European country.

As the global power paradigm shifts inexorably away from Europe, the central question thus becomes: Who needs Europe with all her reckless bigotry, violence, virulent racism, cynicism, unbridled greediness, selfishness, rampant arrogance, immodesty, and wanton decadence?

When the baton is finally and irrevocably pass from Europe, perhaps the rest of mankind can finally leave Europe, with all her negative baggage, behind and march on to build a new relationship of mankind based on mutual love, respect, peace, fraternity, and solidarity…”

You can read the full article here:

It looks like the Great V Putin agreed with my assessment!

The words of Frantz Fanon ring true today as they did over half a century ago: “When I search for Man in the technique and the style of Europe, I see only a succession of negations of man, and an avalanche of murders…

“Leave this Europe where they are never done talking of Man, yet murder men everywhere they find them, at the corner of every one of their own streets, in all the corners of the globe. For centuries they have stifled almost the whole of humanity in the name of a so-called spiritual experience. Look at them today swaying between atomic and spiritual disintegration…”

Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ is a writer and a published author.

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