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My reply to a post:

I am trying to overstand how Europeans filled themselves with such hubris that they lost all sense of proportions.

A parasitic people to begin with, they forgot that they remain about the only people in the world who lack the resources to take care of themselves.

Instead of coming to the world with begging bowls, or as supplicants seeking accommodation with the rest of humanity, they attack the world with arrogance and haughtiness.

They deluded themselves with their fanciful spreadsheet-generated data about high gdp, and armed themselves with fancifully-printed fiat currency that is backed by absolutely nothing, to steal resources from all over the world.

Unfortunately for them, fortunately for the rest of us, they decided to punch far above their weight.

Even the most cursory glance of history and geography should tell one that it is suicidal to mess up with Russians.

That exactly is what the imbecilic and narcissistic misleaders of the Collective West decided to do.

We all should be grateful to the Great V Putin for accepting the challenge to put paid to the hegemony of the West.

The Russians have exposed the hollowness of the vaunted NATO which the West used to menace the world.

An African proverb says that: The dog that will get lost will not listen to the hunter’s whistle.

Instead of keeping their historic scam going by limiting themselves to ill-equipped armies in Thirdworld countries, they confronted the Russians who terminated the ambitions of Napoleon and Hitler with armies that were vastly superior to the deranged, inebriated, and degenerate drug-addict toy soldiers the West field today.

I didn’t know that I will live to see the day that the Collective West will be so humiliated that it can cower behind only stupid rhetoric.

As I said time without numbers, the only reason that NATO has not join the war is because it simply cannot.

Apart from lacking the competent troops to confront the Russians, NATO simply doesn’t have the logistics to field and sustain soldiers on a European battlefield for any length of time.

From where will it get the fuel to move planes, tanks etc around?

More importantly, as crazy as they are, NATO officials are not in a hurry to face off against Iskander, Kinzhal, Kalibre, Zircon and, heaven forbid, Sarmat missiles!

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