Much Ado about a Drunken Old Hag

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The question needs to be asked: what exactly is it in western culture that makes it so important to want to dominate?

Why is the USA so hellbent to humiliate the 1.4billion people of China which the otherwise pointless Pelosi’s visit to the Chinese province of Taiwan appears purposefully engineered to do?

In my article  I raised many questions why Europeans (including those sired outside of Europe) have the penchant to relentlessly seek confrontation, and attack the world in confrontational mode, instead of seeking peace, harmony, and cooperation.

In many cultures, the powerful consciously tempered their strength, and they do their best never to appear to humiliate their adversaries.

There is an African proverb to support that: If we push the goat to the wall, it will bite back.

The main reason for this type of proverb is that in these cultures, death is preferable to public ridicule and ignominy.

My Yoruba people certainly love life, and they consider suicide an abomination, but that did not stop them from saying: Iku ya ju esin lo / Death is preferable to public ridicule.

After all, no one will leave this world alive.

The experience of Saddam Hussein appears to show that the Arabs believe the same thing.

Saddam knew fully well that his puny army was no match for the American military juggernaut, but he refused the haughty and very arrogant and humiliating demands Bush senior demanded of him. Saddam went ahead to fight them and lost badly. Not satisfied with smashing their Foe, the Americans went ahead to hang him. That was after they paraded him in the most insulting manners.

The cultural philistines in America mocked him, but his Iraqi people, no matter what they thought of him, will understand his stance.

So, an election is coming in the USA, bets are that the warmongering Democratic Party is bound to lose it badly, rendering the insentient mannequin in the White House a lame duck, the Democrats badly need a distraction to galvanize floating voters, sending an old hag who loves her drink too much to provoke the Chinese, appears to be a good idea to a people who cannot think beyond the next election.

Whichever way we consider it, the USA is deliberately provoking China for the simple reason that it can.

The Chinese are working hard, but their military still has some years to get on par with what the US continue to throw around. The Americans know this, and they are abusing it while they still can.

The Americans will never try it with the Russians because they know that their fanciful aircraft carriers can be blown away by any one of the choice hypersonic weapons in the Russian arsenal.

American politicians might be stupid and clueless, but the American military certainly knows that if their push comes to the shove against the Russians, the Russians have got Poseidon and Sarmat, and they haven’t got them.

Whether or not Speaker Pelosi made her pointless trip to Taiwan, the Chinese will never forget how the USA shoved their relative weakness into their faces.

This brings us to why the US continues to make the same mistakes over and over, despite having the best universities and the most expensive Think Tanks in the world.

The demise of the Soviet Union made Americans go through a period of insane triumphalism. One of them even wrote a silly book called The End of History.

Russia was rubbished and treated like a pauper. While the Chicago Boys, masquerading as economic experts, helped to strip Russian national assets and sold them for a song, American experts helped to install a drunk, Boris Yeltsin, as president.

Patriotic officers in Russia bid their time and helped Mr. V Putin to gain power. Few people recall today that Putin initially set out to please the West and that he even sought membership in NATO.

He was spurned and denied access to the Big Table. Russia was to be treated like a vassal state in a Unipolar world dominated by the only Superpower, the American Hegemon.

A trained intelligence officer with a good understanding of the West,  V Putin swallowed his pride and went underground, so to speak. He didn’t emerge until he has rebuilt his military not only into a formidable fighting machine, but one that cannot be matched by any power anytime soon.

It was a very wise decision. My Yoruba people say: Ti owo omode o ba i te eku ida, ki nbere iku to pa baba re / If the child’s hands have not fully grasped the sword, he does not go out to enquire about his father’s death.

The power-intoxicated imbeciles ruling the West laughed off Putin’s outdooring his latest weapons. Pseudo-military analysts in the West scoffed at the weapon systems Russian military engineers built and displayed, they cast doubts and aspersions on their integrity.

Many skeptics remained even after Russia demonstrated some of these weapons in Syria.

The seemingly-infinite patience of V Putin finally snapped when the Collective West disdainfully rejected his drafts of proposals to rework the security architecture of Europe.

Westerners even laughed off Russian Defense Minister Shoigu’s threat of a “technical-military” solution if the West persists in its folly.

Russia’s warnings were rejected, today we are where we are with nobody laughing anymore. Russia has not only punctured a very big hole in the aura of invincibility surrounding NATO and the US Armed Forces, but it has also exposed the West’s economic vulnerabilities to the whole to see.

Shorn of the false auras with which it has surrounded itself, the Collective West today looks not only poor but pathetic and helpless.

Who imagined that ‘Mighty’ Germans will be asked to bath less so that they can skimp on energy bills, or that mothballed coal mines will be dusted back into service by a people who flaunted Green Agenda in our faces!

Whatever spin is put on it, the only reason the West didn’t come to the aid of its hapless lapdogs in Ukraine is that it simply cannot.

NATO and the Collective West cannot match the Russian military.

They know it and they cannot fathom their total helplessness and humiliation. From now on, no one will regard the West with any esteem anymore.

This makes one wonder about the caliber of intelligence possess by those who run affairs in the West today.

The West, through its NATO, should have continue with its scam of exploiting other people’s resources by threatening them with NATO, but, instead, it stupidly chose to punch above its weight.

Russia’s unheard-of performances in Ukraine befuddled the idiots in NATO, they look pathetic in the eyes of the rest of the world. How then to extricate themselves from the debacle they created in Ukraine? They do what all Bullies do; pick a fight with a less powerful foe.

It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the Chinese will copy from V Putin’s playbook, which is to bid their time, pay close attention to their economy and, most especially, their military, and come back to confront the West.

It shouldn’t require a soothsayer to know that within a decade China will be strong enough to take on the Collective West and make them pay for the centuries of exploitation and humiliation.

That showdown will finally put paid to European cynical and exploitative rulership of the world.

Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ is a writer and a published author.

His latest book, “Africa: a Continent on Bended Knees” is available on:



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