Commentary of the Ukrainian Crisis

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International Community: The sanctions will cripple the Russian economy.

Alaye: I think that you got your maths all wrong. There’s simply no power on earth that can cripple Russia.

It’s only those who didn’t know much history who will fail to understand that Russians were built to overcome obstacles. They have confronted and overcame much more superior powers than the puny NATOstans, with their overpriced and overrated military.

Let’s begin from the basics. Aside from the fact that the biggest economy on earth, China, is standing firmly behind Russia, the second biggest country population-wise, which is India, is also an ally. Brazil, Turkey (a NATO ally), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, even America’s closest ally, Israel, all refused to sanction or vote against Russia.

It looks like Westerners are too caught up in that their self-generated sense of self-importance that they continue to play Poker with a Chess Grandmaster.

It beggars belief that some people will actually believe that Russia would have failed to calculate the hysterical Western response to its action in Ukraine.

Come on, Russia has among the best academies in the world. Anyone who is not caught up in knee-jerk emotional illusions and delusions will know that Russia made the decision to break away with the West about three years ago, when V. Putin outdoored his latest weapons, which put Russia two or three generations away from the archaic military hardware the USA and NATO chariot around the world to menace weaker countries.

Of course, Western experts and analysts all dismissed the Russian leader’s claims.

Sadly, what goes for analyses in the West today are subpar with what great Geopolitical Strategists like Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kennan etc put forward to counter their adversaries.

The result clearly shows in the uncoordinated, fliflop, imbecilic and confounding reactions of the West to what they considered Putin’s provocation. The debacle in Afghanistan also belie policies that were devoid of intellectual foundations.

This lack of preparation on the part of the West is why we are treated to the EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, calling on China to mediate in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“There is no alternative. We [Europeans] cannot be the mediators, that is clear … And it cannot be the US either. Who else? It has to be China, I trust in that,” Borrell said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

But Borrell, who is from Spain, admitted that there were no firm plans by the warring sides and their supporters for outside mediation from China.” – Source: SCMP

Having talked themselves sillily into a corner, the West is left with no other option to call on a China that they have spent the last years in berating and lecturing to come to their aid as they battle another self-created ogre – few people remember today that Putin started his first presidency by expressing a desire to joint the EU – Link: “Russia is part of the European culture. And I cannot imagine myself in isolation from Europe and what we often called the civilized world.” – V. Putin,

Sorry for going on in that round about way to answer your question. But to reply your assertion directly: I think that Mr. Putin is either being too polite or he didn’t want to get distracted from dealing decisively with the wannabe Nazis the West installed at his doorsteps, otherwise he would have taken countermeasures that will make Europe bleed and the sue for peace immediately.

Do people forget that apart from aluminum and steel which many European companies rely on to stay in business, Russia supplies 40% of the EU gas, 30% of the crude oil and about 40% of the EU’s fertilizer?

Those are even the minor things that V. Putin can bring into play to inflict pains on Europe.

The West has, rather foolishly, prematurely imploded its touted nuclear option of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, the Chinese promptly negated it with its CIPS.

That in itself was a very stupid move as Europeans still must pay for Russian oil and gas and fertilizer, and they must still expect to also get paid for the goods and services they supplied to Russia.

The interesting question here is: what happens if Russia decided to explode its own nuclear option?

No, I do not mean nuclear weapons. Putin can decide to nationalize all Western investment in his country. And that’s just the teaser.

We all know that the only advantage the West has over the rest of us is its well-promoted Technology.

What will the West do if Russia decide to appropriate its Technologies?

If pushed to the wall, what is there to stop V. Putin from deciding to stop recognizing Western Patents? Not only that, he can also decide to task Russian engineers to reverse-engineers all Western technologies. And to compound things, Russia can put all of them in the public domain to be copied by all and sundry.

That WILL WIPE OUT the entire Western economy. The saddest part is that, apart from yelping like excited Chihuahuas, there’s absolutely nothing the West can do about it short of igniting a nuclear war which will put an end to life as we know it.

I am truly appalled by the pathetically low level of thinking among Western leaders and “experts.”

Why do people ever imagine that Russia will allow its economy to be destroyed without crashing the whole world economy?

If only people will lower the infantile hysterics and begin to think properly.

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Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ is a writer and author

March 5, 2022

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