EU says Russia is a Terrorist State

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International Community: Russia is a Terrorist state!

Alaye: This is rich! This display of gross infantilism happens only when a people are beyond not only the pale but way beyond irony.

What exactly do they put in the water in Brussels to turn Eurocrats into blabbering idiots?

So, we have here a gaggle of uncultured, badly-educated narcissistic imbeciles, with absolutely no sense of history, making projections!

A people whose entire history, dripped in blood, will shame a nation of savages had the audacity to label another country a terrorist state.

Europeans calling other people terrorists will draw only a laugh of derision from anyone with a brain!

On the larger scheme of things, it is not entirely a bad thing to see Europe which, for five centuries, cynically exploited the world and violated non-Westerners with unremitting violence, reduced to impotent rage!

Thank you V. Putin, for helping the world to defang the beasts from Europe which confronted the world with the mentality of: Why pay for it, when you can kill for it?

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November 23, 2022

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