My Testimony

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My Testimony


voltaire on religion

Beloved, clap hands and shout Hallelujah!

Lord Jesus, I praise your Holy Name. Thank you, Mighty Jesus. Thank you, my Heavenly Father.

I am here today to bear eloquent Witness to your Mighty Name. Jesus.

Believers, rise up and join me to give Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. Clap for Jesus!

June 3, 2015 is a day I will remember until I draw my last breath in this sinful world, and join Believers in paradise, at the bosom of the Almighty Father, to await the everlasting blessings of our Mighty Jehovah.

I shall forever remember and worship the Mighty name of Jesus until my death.

Let us all give a Thunderous Applause to Jesus! Amen! Amen!!

June 3, 2015 is a day that registered the worst calamity in the history of our nation. But the day remain for me a day of Glory. It was a day for me and for all us to remember the Abundant Mercies of our Almighty Jesus Christ. It was a day that reaffirmed my faith in the Mighty Power of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fellow Believers, shout Amen in Jesus name!

Lord Jesus, your LOVE and Mercies was clearly manifested to me on that day. I glorify your name and the name of your Father, Almighty Jehovah. The Alpha and the Omega.

Lord Jesus, I thank you. I thank you, Mighty Jesus. I praise your Mighty Name, Jesus. The name above all other names.

June 3, 2015, ah!

It was a day I shall never forget, Lord Jesus. I do not call your name in vain. I remember your Mighty Name with Joy.

Believers, help me shout Hallelujah!

Beloved, here is my story. Listen to my Testimony.

We were about to close from work when it started to drizzle. It was June; rainy season. No one paid any particular heed as there were no warnings of heavy rain or flood. I had my small umbrella in my bag. It will keep me from getting too wet. And if the rain become heavier, I can always find shelter in one of the numerous kiosks or shops or filling stations scattered around town. My colleagues and I said our goodbye. “See you tomorrow, see you tomorrow,” we said to one another with smiles. We didn’t know it was a day that will shatter our lives into pieces.

I joined a bus and waited with the rest of the passengers until the bus was full and the mate told the driver to start our journey. Suddenly, the drizzle turned into a mighty deluge, and before you know it, flood was everywhere. It was like a giant dam had burst open and emptied its content onto the street. I have never seen such a powerful torrent of water in my life.

Beloved, shout loud Amen in Jesus name.

Mighty Jesus, I called upon your name. I beseeched you not to abandon your daughter. I prayed hard. There was no way we could continue the journey. The driver stopped the car and it took some time before the mate was able to open the door. After a struggle he did and we all rushed out to take shelter at the Goil Filling Station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. It was a fateful decision that cost so many people their lives. It was also a decision that rekindled my faith in the abundant mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was saved.

Believers, let us clap for Jesus.

We cowered under any little shelter we could find at the filling station. The gusty wind battered us remorselessly. The rain buffeted us without mercy. Sharp streaks of lightening raced across the dark sky. Thunder barked like angry demons. We all took fright. But there was nowhere for us to go.

It was dark and foreboding like pictures from the Apocalypse. It was the Prophesized End Time. I still had my small Bible in my bag, but I didn’t bring it out for fear of getting it wet. I silently recited my favourite Psalms.

Mighty Jesus, you are alive and truthful. I continue to pray ceaselessly.

It was first the smell of petrol and gas that assailed our noses that told us that something is seriously and terribly amiss. Even then, none of us had an inkling of the impending gigantic doom that was soon to render citizens into burnt cinder and reverberate loudly around the world. There we were, good and hardworking citizens of Ghana, at the mercies of the elements. We didn’t know what to do. There was no one to give us information or render us any help. Even the attendants were lost. They moved about without aim or purpose; frightened like the rest of us. All the telephone networks were down, so there was no way for anyone to make a distress call. It was now very dark and the pungent odour of petrol was now becoming unbearable. Our eyes hurt from the gas. People shout prayers in all the languages they know.

I keep on repeating your name, ‘Mighty Jesus, Mighty Jesus,’ like I was possessed. I was possessed. Yes, I was possessed by fear, naked fear. Yes, I was afraid to die.

We could smell the gas and petrol but we were all paralysed into inaction. None of us could swim. Even if we could, it will take an Olympic caliber swimmer to even dare to plunge into that raging flood. All of a sudden, we heard a giant explosion like the Americans having a go at Baghdad. A giant fireball of fire swept over us in a giant arc. The fire mushroomed quickly and engulfed the whole of Central Accra, or so it seemed. It was Dante’s Inferno.

It was Armageddon time. The end of time has come as was proclaimed in the Books.

Mighty Jesus. Beloved, let us praise the Holy Name.

No one that was not there can even begin to imagine the nightmare we all felt as the heat wave swept over us. I was right in the middle of the inferno. The fire singed bodies as the petrol and the gas combusted into a huge firestorm, sucking out life-giving oxygen. In panic we all dove under the raging water. We could not swim but fear made us took the plunge. The fast flowing flood took many souls away. Their last wailings of anguish assailed our tormented ears.

Lord Jesus, your Name be praise.

Luckily for me I was standing close to a rail banister. I gripped the metal tightly and refused to let go. I lost my bag and shoes, but who cares? One of the attendant grab hold of my free hand and tried to pull me with me. “Follow me,” he shouted.

It was then you wrought one of your MIRACLES. Your face appeared to me in Technicolor. “Don’t.” you said to me in your velvety voice. I kicked at the attendant and released my hand from his embrace. I quickly entwined both my hands on the rail and prayed for your deliverance. I saw the attendant gulped water and flayed desperately in attempt to hang on. A giant wave swept over and sucked him into the abyss. People were dying all around me as they were sucked into the void. Lord, I praise your Hallowed Name.

Believers, join me to Praise the Holy name of Jesus!

Everywhere around me were burning human being. A small baby burnt like a doll. A naked dead woman floated by, her pumped-up body looked like the carcass of a beached whale. Her corpse was so large that it looked like parts of the body were in different Time Zones. All around me were men, women and children burning, screaming in agonizing pain. It was a nightmarish scene from hell. I had a vision of pure Hell. I prepared myself to meet my Creator.

Believers, help me shout some exceptionally loud Hallelujah.

Suddenly a giant hand lifted me up and told me to run. I did not see a face. It was just a giant, strong white hand. It felt like steel but was as gentle as a baby’s. The hand lifted me and gently repeated for me to run. Suddenly my legs found traction, and I was able to run out of the raging inferno. Not even a single hair on my head was touched.

Fellow Worshippers, let us give our Lord His due! Shout Hallelujah!

Mighty Jesus, I knew it was you that lifted me from that calamity and save my precious life. Only your miracle could have made it possible for me to come out alive of a raging fire without even a scratch on my body. I lost my bag which contain my phones, money and everything. My shoes were gone, but Mighty Jesus, you kept your daughter alive. You saved me because you want me to bear Witness to your Mighty Powers. Lord Jesus, you are the Holiest of the Holies. You are the Mightiest of all the Mightiest. Your Name is above all Names.

Believers, Praise the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

You are Great, Mighty Jesus. You are Great. I shall spend the rest of my life glorifying your name.

You have proven beyond any doubt that you are truly a God of Miracle. A God of wonder. I shall spend my days to attest to your everlasting Love.

A week after the accident, I am still smelling petrol and gas and the pungent smell of burning human flesh. I still have nightmare whenever I remember all the people I saw died of painful, agonizing death from that inferno.

But I glorify the Mighty Name of Jesus. And I implore al of humanity to give their lives to Jesus as He is the only name that can safe. And all Believers, I beseech you to hold on to your Faith. Do not waver in your belief in the powerful and mighty name of Jesus Christ. He is truly the Son of our Merciful God. His Name is above all other names. And he shall remain faithful to all that believe in His Holy and Mighty Name.

Jesus Christ, I dedicate my life to thee.

“I will praise thee, O my Saviour

I will praise thee, for ever more…”


Note: Few hours after the great calamity of June 3, 2013, I received messages from Christians who gave testimonies thanking Jesus for saving their lives. The testimonies suggested that they believe that it was their Christian faith that saved their lives.

I was troubled and offended that at times like these, many find it necessary to hop into celebratory mode. Why do people think that their lives are more precious than those of other human beings?

If the grown up among the dead were godless atheists, what about the children who died without having acquired the religious prejudices of their parents.

Why should a god, the Father of All, be partial? Why should a god be saving some people and letting others died in inferno on account of faith?

These are questions we believe people should ask themselves.

May the soul of the innocent departed rest in peace.


mark twain on christianity


About the Author

Femi Akomolafe is a passionate Pan-Africanist. A columnist for the Accra-based Daily Dispatch newspaper and Correspondent for the New African magazine. Femi lives in both Europe and Africa, and writes regularly on Africa-related issues for various newspapers and magazines.

Femi was the producer of the FOCUS ON AFRICANS TV Interview programme for the MultiTV Station.

He is also the CEO of Alaye Dot Biz Limited Dot Biz, a Kasoa-based Multimedia organisation that specialises in Audio and Video Production. He loves to shoot and edit video documentaries.

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