Femi Akomolafe Books

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Femi Akomolafe Books

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Femi Akomolafe Books


destroyed by the gods cover 700x700

Femi Akomolafe is a Freelance writer, Author, Film & Video Documentary Producer, IT Consultant and Web-Designer.

His highly-acclaimed books (Africa: Destroyed by the gods,” and “Africa: It shall be well,” are now available for sales at the following bookshops/offices:

  1. Freedom Bookshop, near Apollo Theatre, Accra.
  2. The Daily Dispatch Office, Labone – Accra
  3. WEB Dubois Pan-African Centre, Accra
  4. Ghana Writers Association office, PAWA House, Roman Ridge, Accra.
  5. African Kitchen in Amsterdam Bijlmer

Where to buy them online:

Africa: it shall be well on Kindle books: https://www.createspace.com/4820404

Africa: it shall be well on Amazon books: http://goo.gl/QeFxbl

Africa: Destroyed by the gods on Kindle books: https://www.createspace.com/4811974

Africa: Destroyed by the gods on Amazon books: http://goo.gl/1z97ND


africa it shall be well cover 700x700


Get free promotional materials here:

  1. Africa: it shall be well: http://alaye.biz/africa-it-shall-be-well-introduction-in-pdf/

A FREE Chapter of ‘Africa: It shall be well’ could be downloaded here: http://alaye.biz/africa-it-shall-be-well-a-free-chapter/

  1. Africa: Destroyed by the gods (How religiosity destroyed Africa) http://alaye.biz/africa-destroyed-by-the-gods-introduction/

A FREE Chapter of ‘Africa: Destroyed by the gods’ could be downloaded here: http://alaye.biz/africa-destroyed-by-the-gods-free-chapter/

Read a review here

Femi maintains a blog @: www.alaye.biz/category/blog

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ekitiparapo

Gmail+: www.google.com/ +Femi Akomolafe; LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/ Femi Akomolafe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ Femi Alaye

Email: fakomolafe@gmail.com; Website: www.alaye.biz


Kindly help me share the books’ links with your friends and, grin, please purchase your copies.


Femi Akomolafe


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