Another commentary of the Russia-Ukraine War

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The more I watch the hysterics and the histrionics of Western leaders and commentators, the more I marveled at the cool, calm and stoical way V Putin and his crew are operating!

I see in the conducts of the Russians evidence of thorough professionalism, unlike what we see in Western leaders – vapid emptiness combined with inferiority complex masked only by imbecilic garrulous snarling.

Is that what psychologists call Impotent Rage? Or what is said about empty drums making the loudest noise!

The Russians talk little, and when they do, they stick with the basic facts. Their presentations and releases are well-contextualized, which makes them good for both easy reading and the deduction of the facts from the chaffs. Note: we talk here only of officials and not partisan bloggers and ranters.

The West, on the other hand, not only shamelessly tell barefaced but IDIOTIC lies that can be debunked by anyone with small amounts of brain cells. What one reads  in Western media or official releases are mind-bending stupid, even ultra-crude propagandas that do not add up, and can easily be shown to be devoid of any logic.

Even some of the “analyses” one read from Western academics are so devoid of elementary common sense that it shocks that they were produced by Professors and PhD. Example is the McFaul guy who was said to be an ex ambassador, but now teaches in one of the Ivy League universities.

That people in the West can be so contemptuously treated by their officials, their scholars, and their so-called journalists simply boggles the mind.

What is it that makes Westerners so gullible? Why do they continue to gobble up the bs their officials tell them with scrutiny, more-so when they know that these officials tell lies as a matter of routine.

But then, was it not said that a people get the government that they deserved?

No one doubt that the West is a Master of “communication”, but what is becoming clearer each day is that the Collective West has become one huge joke – a bunch of crass, uncultured, ill-educated ignoramuses who live in a self-created bubble that is totally divorce from reality!

Western leaders come across as totally delusional. They are abysmally ignorant of what goes on in the world and, lamentably, they don’t care!

Little wonder that they crippled their own economies thinking that they are punishing Russia! Today, countries like France and Germany now talk about introducing rations!

It remains beyond belief that a people, that DEPENDS on the rest of the world for almost everything they need to survive both domestically and industrially, will don the garb on unbridled arrogance and think that it can talk to the world from a position of strength!

Pardon me, what strength?

What is it exactly that gave Westerners the pompous arrogance to want to continue to hector and give lectures to the rest of us?

We all saw how just one deft move by Putin revealed the total emptiness of the much-publicized Western sanctions from hell.

Being forced to pay for gas in Ruble is causing maximum rumbling in the western economies! Even a rabidly Russophobic country like Latvia promptly caved in!

The clueless Fascism-loving rulers in Berlin are just waking up to the myth of German industrial power?

It is only gas which Putin demanded should be paid in Ruble by “unfriendly countries”, we can only guess what will happen when the Russians decided to go full-throttle and impose their own counter-sanctions. We can also only guess what will happen to “RICH” EU when the rest of the world begin to demand that their resources be paid for in currencies that are backed by real commodities, and not some fancifully-printed fiat currency that is backed by NOTHING!

It’s said that people who live in glass house should not throw stones – the West, which has military bases all over the world, appear to forget that the Russians can play their idiotic game of arming separatists who will make life hellish for Western Imperialist forces in foreign lands! A few S-400s batteries in Syria and Iran will totally change the game in the ME.

And if the Russians decide to play by the West’s playbook, they will supply advanced weapons to anti-West forces all over the world, there are plenty of them.

My only prayer is that V Putin will remember us in Africa!

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Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ is a writer and a published author.

April 10, 2021

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