• 4 January 2019 at 08 : 07 AM

    The importance of Education for Africans

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    History is very important, especially for Africans. Europeans have so badly distorted history that they have reduced many of us to cringing apologetic beings. We have nothing to apologize for. As Dr. Karenga puts it, we are a non-obligated people. We do not owe the world a damn thing. The world owes us a lot.

    When I say that we do not owe the world thing, no European can say that with conviction. Do not listen to those bleeding-hearts who call themselves ‘liberals.’ They are the worst scum. Those hypocrites are too happy partaking in the loot of their brethren while making noises about squirming in liberal grief!

    Take a map of the world and point to any part where there is strife, where man is butchering man with Old Testament fury, you will find Europeans acting as Military Strategists, Financial Advisors, Logistics Gurus, Tactical Marvels. The whole of the so-called Western-Civilization was built on the blood of non-Westerners. It is the only civilization whichever holds mankind to ransom. They happily called one of their wretched ideas Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). What a salute to humanity!

    Does it make any sense to you why intelligent beings will waste precious resources and good money to build weapons that could destroy the world several times over? Is it civilized to waste billions of dollars to build weapons and billions more to destroy them when hungry people are sleeping rough in front of their ‘White Houses?’ Is it rational to take pride in carrying pollution to the heavens after creating a huge mess here on earth? Is it rational or logical to spend billions growing unwanted food, and more billions to store and destroy them, just to prop up prices? What civilization watches people die of hunger while food is rotting in silos, all in the name of MARKET FORCES?

    Is that a civilization worthy of envy?


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  • 1 January 2019 at 07 : 54 AM

    Western Racist reporting on Africa

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    I say to you guys, bravo! Keep on your good work. Keep on drowning yourself in your primitive racist statistics. Keep on floating in your racist prejudices. ‘But verily, verily I say unto you: If slavery and colonialism did not wipe out Africa, be sure that none of your man-made diseases will do us in. No way, man!’

    In 1994, I wrote a piece in the ‘de Volkskrant,’ I end this letter with the following quote from that article:

    “A few years ago, your so-called scholars and scientists were predicting that Africa would be wiped out by the AIDS virus. Astronomical figures were conjured up to show how we are going to disappear. We are still here and that’s baffling you. You guys just don’t understand. For us, no pestilence; no blight could be more devastating than the slavery you imposed on our continent. No epidemic could drain us of one-hundred million of our strongest and brightest as you Europeans did. Europeans are the worst scourges ravaging Africa. This is the fact of the matter.”


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  • 30 December 2018 at 08 : 55 AM

    Germany was a Revelation

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    From my Archives   I have been to Germany (official name: Bundesrepublik Deutschland) before, but this was the first time I went to the country thrice in the same year (2015). Fate and circumstance conspired to make my journeys possible. My first travel to the country was in the late 1980s when I accompanied a […]


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  • 27 December 2018 at 07 : 18 AM

    Bush in Africa

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    If Bush has any idea about how to solve economic problems why doesn’t he begin by improving his country’s casino economy? If he wants to tackle corruption, is it not appropriate that he begins with Enron where 11 billion dollars vamoosed? And if he wants to give some poor people a break, why doesn’t he start with the homeless and the copeless junkies on the streets of Washington and New York? And talking about democracy, I think that he should start from his own country because the last time I checked he won less popular vote than Al Gore!

    I say that it is time African leaders remove the blinkers from their eyes and cure themselves of the stupid illusion that the West has hoarded some cash to be given to Africa after we have met this or that conditionalities.

    The West has had over six centuries to make good any claim it has that it was ever interested in our welfare. And what have we had but slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, PASCAD, SAP, ESAP and now HIPC? In what way has Africa benefited from her long association with the West? The history of our relationship with West has been that of exploitation, brutalization, and pillage in the interest of West. Europe and the USA have developed their economies at our expense and the wealth that she (the West) flaunts at the world today was built on the callous exploitation of Africa’s human and mineral wealth. I speak with the authority of history!

    The sight of African leaders hosting a guy whose entire knowledge of Africa is contained in this moronic expression he made at Gothenburg, Sweden on June 14, 2001: “We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.” is nauseating, at least, to me.


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  • 22 December 2018 at 07 : 50 AM

    ON AIDs & Looting

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    Our message remains simple: Africans everywhere must wake up and study hard. We are poor because of only one reason – foreigners are mismanaging our resources. How did they get there is no longer the question, but how to dislodge them. We can get hold of our affairs when educate ourselves sufficiently to be able to take care of things.

    We should stop mimicking Europe – that road leads to nowhere but hell. In the coming century, China will become the most economically powerful country in the world. The Chinese did not wait for European aid or American aid or Russian aid. They went out in large numbers to go and learn the technology and the techniques of other people. They return to their homeland and start to take care of their own affairs, without paying attention to the sermonizing Europeans. Today, when China sneezes, a lot of countries catch a cold. We should remember that until 1949, China was referred to as the ‘Sleeping Giant.’

    Europe is in a mess. Politically it has lost its bearing – all their politicians have become thieving liars. Economically, Europe is rudderless; no one seems to have a cure to what they now call Euro-Sclerosis. Socially, Europe is disintegrating. Parents are now routinely abusing children, while children are increasingly abusing drugs.

    Is that from where we should seek our salvation?


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  • 19 December 2018 at 08 : 59 AM

    Abacha’s Mourners

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    From my Archives   The late Nigerian strongman, Sanni Abacha, cut such a complete macho image that I thought that, at last, here was one mortal who will defy Shakespeare’s observation that, “…death, a necessary end, will come when it will.” With his mafia-don dark glasses and devil-may-care countenance, Abacha didn’t look or acted like […]


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  • 18 December 2018 at 08 : 04 AM

    My Battle with some Boers on in the 1990s!

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    From my archives (circa 1995)   The Internet is a great place to be. It is super great when you are looking for information. Little wonder then that they call it the information-highway! What it means is that with a desktop computer equipped with a modem you are connected to any other person on earth! […]


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  • 16 December 2018 at 19 : 41 PM

    On Our Work Ethic or Lack of it

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    From the Presidential Letters Series by Femi Akomolafe   Fellow Compatriots, Greetings. In my inaugural speech last week, I promised to engage with you weekly with very frank talks on how I think we, individually and collectively, can do our best to move the wheel of our nation’s progress forward. In that speech, I also […]


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  • 16 December 2018 at 07 : 41 AM

    On African Dictators

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    I believe that wasting time and efforts denouncing dictators like Abacha, Mobutu, or Arap Moi in Europe is crediting them with more intelligence than they actually possess – not that they shouldn’t be-be made to realize their follies. But, IMO, so doing is suggesting that they are independent actors, rather than the puppets on the string of the neo-colonial world order that they really are. Why waste time on the puppet, when one can talk to the puppet-master? Idi Amin was helped to power by British Intelligence. Bokassa was a puppet of the French for whom he had fought in Africa, Europe, Indochina, and Algeria. Mobutu was brought into power to thwart Lumumba and safeguard the neo-colonial interests of the US, France, and Belgium. Kotoka was helped by the CIA to overthrow Nkrumah. Nigeria has been misgoverned by Military dictators, all-trained at Military academies in Britain and the US. They all have pursued neo-colonial interests to the detriment of their country. Their misgovernment and corruption are well-known, yet, they all, without exception enjoyed a cozy relationship with Britain and the US. We cannot analyse the problems of Africa, especially the failure of leadership, without looking into this neo-colonial relationship.

    The chief curse of Africa was to adopt the western model when our nations achieved independence from their colonial masters. This was our lost opportunity – to chart our future properly, taken into consideration our socio-political history and our peculiarity. This was the biggest difference between us and the Asians. The Asians nations that charted an original path for themselves – Malaysia, Indonesia, and China are making progress, while those who, like us, want to remain under the tutelage of the ‘masters” are wallowing in an economic quagmire – take the Philippines for instance.

    I have consistently advocated that Africans should strive to promote an Africa that can look towards the best in itself to develop her resources. An Africa that’s neither apologetic nor groveling. An Africa that is proud and upright. I believe that African intellectuals, writers and artists should let Africa become the center of their universe.


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  • 12 December 2018 at 07 : 20 AM

    Racism in the Dutch Media

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    Thanks to cable television, we now know that both the French and the English televisions are giving regular attention to their erstwhile colonies. Even Belgian television is light years ahead of their Dutch counterparts when it comes to racial sensibilities. Black people are performing on British television regularly; and there is a black group or personality on French TV, at least once a day. Let’s contrast this with Holland. About the only time, black people are mentioned in the Dutch media is when it is in connection with crime or drug. I said to the cross-eyed idiot, “I was just wondering why you guys are so fixated on negative reporting about Nigeria, nay, Africa. How about some positive things about the country, also?”

    Like what? Ms. Brahmans wanted to know.


    Where does one begin to educate this dim-witted moron?

    Nigeria emerged from the traumas of military dictatorship in May of this year. That is not newsworthy for the Dutch media. Ms. Brahmas and her bigoted crew are not interested.

    Nigeria has just commissioned a Gas-Liquefaction project, reputed to be the largest industrial plant in Continental Africa. The myopic Dutch media saw nothing newsworthy about it. Never mind that the project has heavy Dutch input. Ms. Brahmans was probably on holiday.

    Nigeria will celebrate her 39th Independence Anniversary in a few days time – October 1st, to be precise. Naturally, the glaucomaed Dutch media will never see such an event. Ms. Brahmans will surely be hibernating.

    There are hundreds of Nigerians honestly toiling in this country. The blinkered lenses of Ms. Brahmans and co. will never see us.

    The KLM has about five flights to Nigeria every week, God forbid that Ms. Brahmans, restricted by her racism, to see anything in that.

    Royal Dutch Shell is a big, VERY BIG, investor in Nigeria. They have got big offices at The Hague. Blinded by racial prejudices, Ms. Brahmans will never discover such SECRETS.

    Where, indeed, does one begin to educate these racial champions masquerading as professional journalists?


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