Gods don’t fix economies

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Prof Emmanuel Asante

Prof Emmanuel Asante

Gods don’t fix economies


(A reply to Most Reverend Prof. Emmanuel Asante.)

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Heaven helps those that help themselves.” – Popular saying.

Never say sorry for being honest.” – Anon.

The doctrine that future happiness depends upon belief is monstrous. It is the infamy of infamies. The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be relieved only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance, called “faith.” What man, whoever thinks, can believe that blood can appease God? And yet, our entire system of religion is based upon that belief. The Jews pacified Jehovah with the blood of animals, and according to the Christian system, the blood of Jesus softened the heart of God a little, and rendered possible the salvation of a fortunate few. It is hard to conceive how the human mind can give assent to such terrible ideas, or how any sane man can read the Bible and still believe in the doctrine of inspiration.” –  Robert Green Ingersoll

It is has become impossible for yours truly to keep tolerating the type of nonsensical effusions with which our so-called men of god keep on assaulting our ears and intelligence.

The reason is that it has become crystal clear that these charlatans in Priestly robes are hell-bent to keep us in perpetual ignorance.

Yesterday, the Christians joined the colonialists to debase and destroy our African cultural patrimony, today they have aligned themselves firmly with the imperialists to keep us in ignorance.

Whilst they feed fat on our mineral wealth, they tell us to wait until we die and go to a heaven, where a desert god and his son will give us blissful, everlasting lives!

It is difficult not to agree with the Nigerian writer, Frisk Larrimore, that Christianity is a diabolical instrument use to keep Africans down.

In the age when men and women were discouraged from acquiring knowledge, ignoble priests can be excused when they run their mouths and utter any rubbish they fancy.

There was simply no one that knew better to challenge them.

But in this age when the world is saturated, literally and figuratively, with knowledge and information, one must either be utterly stupid or totally insane to come to open space to make outlandish statements that are patent lies, even laughably ridiculous.

Since I do not go to church, I care less what any pastor chooses to tell his congregation – people are perfectly entitled to allow their brains to be insulted with pieces of jejune nonsense.

I do not make it my business to comment on what lies or absurdities any group of people chose to tell themselves in their places of worship.

What I do care about is when people come out to public places to make patently absurd comments.

Since those that choose to make public declarations know fully well that they challenged our intelligence by their proclamations, the onus is upon them to ensure that what they say is intelligent and intelligible.

Those that feel audacious enough to come and talk gibberish in public, should accept it when we take it upon ourselves to assail them publicly.

After all, our elders say that it is the elders that defecate by the roadside that invites people to come and look at his ass.


Reading a statement credited to the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Most Reverend Prof. Emmanuel Asante, that “God can fix Ghana’s economy this Easter,” (http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=269516), makes me wonder from where people like him get the audacity to make such uber senseless statements in this age and time.


Why would an otherwise intelligent human being come out to talk such senseless talks on public radio?

It is shame that those that purport to speak for a god choose to tell patent lies – like god fixing economies.

It is a double shame that such utterly senseless and completely ridiculous statements emanate from the lips of someone that claim to be a Professor.

I don’t know in which discipline Professor Asante received his professorship, but one expects even a first-year university student to strive to make intelligent statements, that is not only sensible but also logical and verifiable with ease.

Or have they stopped teaching critical thinking and Logic at our universities?

We should not expect to read gibberish from the lips of a person who claims the high title of a professor.

In making his utterly nonsensical statement, Professor Asante, engaged in the type of meaningless ranting that belongs in akpeteshi-bars, made by totally inebriated drunken fools.

A poser for Professor Asante: Can you cite for us a single example of an economy that a god has fixed.

If not, why not?

It is expected that a professor speaks with absolute authority on his subject-matter.

From where does our Professor Asante derived his empirical evidence that supports his jejune assertions that a god can fix the economy?

Or did our Professor just conjured fanciful things from his fertile brains?

What distinguishes illiterate arguments from statements by learned academics is that the latter is held to higher scrutiny since it is believed that academics possess minds that process statements critically before making assertions.

The academic utterances carried more weight because he is expected to have subjected his thought-process to more rigorous analyses.

We do not expect our professors to make statements that cannot meet the most elementary of scientific or logical scrutiny.

Alas, Professor Asante’s statement cannot be validated by any scientific means, since do not know of a single instance of a god fixing an economy.

Why then did he make it?

Perhaps he got carried away by the occasion.

Which makes it the sadder.

We are in serious trouble when our supposedly learned professors start to talk like an absolute ignoramus.

After his initial nonsensical verbal ejaculations, the Professor should have simply kept his mouth shut, but he was further quoted as saying: “they should bear in mind that the omnipotent God has what it takes to fix every challenge facing the country.”

How dare a whole professor to make such a stupendously stupid sweeping generalization?

The question for the Professor and the Christians is what type of intelligent and omnipotent god allows a problem to arise before attempting to fix it?

If we have the power to stop crime and failed to do so, the law makes us culpable.

If we endowed a god with omnipotent powers and we see all the mess around us, it is either our god is really not that omnipotent, or else it is simply a cruel god.

It is only a powerless or cruel god that would allow evil or suffering to exist.

And what specific problem do we face in this country that a god can fix as the professor claimed?

Currently, our main worries in Ghana today are inadequate water and light.

The question here is: where does a god come into the equation?

Will the Professor kindly tell us where in the wide-world a god had fixed water and electricity problems for a people?

If other people have managed to generate and distribute sufficient electricity and pump enough water for themselves, is it not both senseless and ridiculous for those of us in Africa to keep on waiting for a god to come to our aid?

Professor Asante was further quoted: “As we all know, we call the day Christ died, the Good Friday. It is called Good Friday because Christians believe that it is the very day He carried all our sins to the cross to save us…those of us who were lost have now seen the light through the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Seriously, could a whole professor be ignorant of the true origins of the Pagan Festival the Christians appropriated as Easter?

Could Professor Asante be ignorant of the Osirian origins of the Trinity, where the Christians simply morphed Horus into their Son of God?

Could anyone who has gone through a university education still believe it possible for us to commit sins (whatever that is) almost two thousand years before we were born, and that this sin could be remitted by the blood of the son of a god?

Should we not expect a full professor to have sufficient intelligence to question a god that would punish people for sins committed by other people?

What future do we have in this country if those that on whom society have expended so much, and expect to lead the way, are proving to be as blinkered as the most ignorant among us?

It is indeed very sad for our nation if our supposedly-educate people, including our professors, can descend into the same unreasoning gutter like our akpeteshi imbibers, to make baseless statements.

In this time when we are daily bombarded with scientific breakthroughs all over the world, it is supremely insulting that our so-called men of god continue to insult us with all the stupid statements emanating from their lips.

Anyone not living in a cave today is exposed to the products of science. We are all beneficiaries of what men and women of science have been able to achieve by using their brains to pry secrets from nature. We all use products created by Man in laboratories daily.

It is time we also strive to join them in creating the things that will make our lives more comfortable.

The political and religious elite that try to turn our eyes to a phantom of the sky is enjoying their own good lives here on earth. They certainly are fooling us big time when they tell us to wait for a god to enjoy what they are enjoying right here and right now. Men are women are busy creating their own paradise here on earth; we should not allow anyone to tell us to wait until we are dead before we can taste alujanah.

From a look at his picture, Professor Asante does not look like one that waits for a god to fix things for him.

If he could manage to look so well, he has no business telling stupid tales about a god coming down to fix things for us.

The founder of a religion must be able to turn water into wine — cure with a word the blind and lame, and raise with a simple touch the dead to life. It was necessary for him to demonstrate to the satisfaction of his barbarian disciple, that he was superior to nature. In times of ignorance this was easy to do. The credulity of the savage was almost boundless. To him the marvelous was the beautiful, the mysterious was the sublime. Consequently, every religion has for its foundation a miracle — that is to say, a violation of nature — that is to say, a falsehood.

No one, in the world’s whole history, ever attempted to substantiate a truth by a miracle. Truth scorns the assistance of a miracle. Nothing but falsehood ever attested itself by signs and wonders. No miracle ever was performed, and no sane man ever thought he had performed one, and until one is performed, there can be no evidence of the existence of any power superior to, and independent of, nature.” – Robert Green Ingersoll.

PS: Here is a link for those that want to know more about the true origins of the so-called New Testament: http://www.fargonasphere.com/piso/


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